Matcha Habit

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Matcha Habit.

I never used to drink coffee. I didn’t actually start until after college when I was working and needed a cup of dark roast to get me through the day. I always drank it black– no sugar, no cream. I tend to like bitter things, like dark chocolate and bitter greens, so I rather enjoyed drinking my coffee that way.

Coffee-drinking was great, but while I was able to hyper-focus after drinking it, a crash always followed the high. That was not a terrific feeling. I rationalized my continued coffee habit with the studies that claimed coffee’s antioxidant power. But guess what also has antioxidant power? Green tea!

I occasionally consumed bagged green tea, because it was relaxing. An additional benefit in the tea is the high concentration of EGCg (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which has been shown to decrease cancer risk and inhibit tumor invasion and angiogenesis: the development of blood vessels within the tumor that allows the tumor to grow  (See paper here: However, I was unconvinced that I was actually getting a therapeutic concentration of EGCG from my bagged green tea.

There are articles all over the internet about Matcha green tea, the powdered whole green tea leaf, making claims that, for example, one cup of Matcha green tea has the antioxidants of  three cups of regular green tea. That may or may not be true, but intuitively, it seems like if I am drinking the whole leaf as opposed to a steeped extract that I would be getting more tea, and thus more of the nutrients. Because Matcha also contains caffeine, it was a good candidate for replacing my morning coffee.

I have been drinking Matcha since the beginning of the year 1-3 times per day with no milk or sweetener, and I love it. I have heard that the ceremonial grade Matcha tastes better, but it is so expensive. Mark convinced me to get the bulk organic Matcha from Amazon (1Lb. for about $20).

The Matcha snobs out there might disapprove, and maybe the expensive stuff is a bit smoother and sweeter because of how much shade the tea leaf got while it was still on the tree. All I know is that Matcha provides the pick-me-up I was looking for and is good for my body sans mid-day crash.

Have you hopped on the Matcha bandwagon? Comment below and tell us what you think!



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