Out of Shape

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Out of Shape.

When the year first started, I was on a roll. I had a consistent schedule and was able to run/walk 2 miles without feeling winded. That was more than a month ago. I laced up my shoes yesterday and started slowly. This time, I would try to run a mile. In my head, it sounded easy enough, but my body and my mind were not on the same page. I ran a quarter of a mile before I needed to take a break.

I actually don’t feel bad about how I did. I got my blood pumping and I felt better for the rest of the day. I took the day off today, not because I wanted to necessarily (I am so ready to get back out there and improve my performance). Rather, I know that for this to be a long-term change in my life, I need to take it slowly so that I don’t burn out or injure myself or give up. I am trying to aim for a 5K around September, and I think I can do it!

Once I establish a routine that works for me, I will be sure to share it under the Fitness section. If you want to join me on this fitness quest, comment below!


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